Final Post

With this blog, I set out to explore and examine issues related to sustainability, both in the context of the life of a college student and beyond this context. I wanted to choose topics that could be interesting and relevant to anyone, because that’s the best way to spread important information.

Most importantly, I hope I’ve conveyed the importance of sustainability in our everyday lives. Although a global issue, protecting our environment starts with the individual. We can never accomplish our goals regarding sustainability- including carbon neutrality, renewable energy use, changes in agriculture, etc.- without the support and participation of individuals. And when enough individuals come together for the same cause, we have the power to make major changes in legislature and public opinion.

For more issues and information regarding sustainability, I encourage you to simply look around. Sustainability can be applied to nearly every aspect of our lives, so explore your own life, develop new ideas, and spread them to everyone you know. Support green initiatives in your area, and even beyond that if you can. Encourage those around you, and those in charge, to embrace sustainability in their lives and practices. Or just simply visit the website of any major or local newspaper, or watch a TED talk, and continue to learn about these issues. They have never been more important than they are now, and if we don’t meet them with action, they will become issues of a world that no longer exists.


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